Monday, July 27, 2009


Just some pics fromt he SUPER HEARTS game that the men folk enjoyed at the WFR 2009! Uncle Joe won bragging rights on the first game and Wray won the bragging rights to the second game. There were quieter games going on at the other tables.... They got pretty loud!

Just a thanks for everyone who came and participated at our WFR 2009! Thanks to all your efforts and sacrifices in making the trip out to Colorado, we really enjoyed renewing our friendships and family ties with each other.

The hotel was great, the breakfast was greater, and the company was the greatest!

Uncle Bob's silly string was fun too.... I guess :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Did this get your attention??!!??

OK, family! Here it is! You need to do this quick, like this month! The absolute cut off to make these reservations is June 29th. You have until then to make up your minds if you want to come and have 110% of fun and 0% of sleep (because you'll be having too much fun!)

CALL THE HOTEL DIRECT: 303/824-1550. Identify yourselves as being with the WALKER FAMILY REUNION to get the special convention rate. Our contact person is Parks Bedell (old) or Brittany (NEW) if there are any questions. THEN, email me ( so I can get an accurate count and to see who still needs to call.

Couple of things:
Any cancellations after the reservations have been made, needs to be done with a 48 hour notice to avoid any charges on the CC. Otherwise our anonymous donor will be charged for an empty room... not good.

When calling, let them know about any special needs you may have for your family (crib, roll aways, handicapped, etc...) The hotel is a 100% non-smoking hotel. Each room comes with a microwave, little fridge, coffee maker (I mean cocoa maker), iron/board, TV....

The Anonymous donor wants to make it clear that they will NOT pay for room service, pay-per-view movies, games on the TV, long distance, anything extra.

This will be super fun! And on a sad note.... the Rockies will be playing out of town during our reunion. Sorry!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey Family!

Boy have I got news for you! Lots has changed since my last update on this bolg.

THE DATES ARE THE SAME! JULY 16, 17, 18, 19.

1. The hotel (Wingate) totally fell thru; long story, we've learned a few things and actually feel really good we aren't going there.

2. We have a new hotel that we are in the negotiation stages with. It's the Garden Hilton hotel and Holly and I really feel good about holding our reunion there.

3. There will be a website that the Hilton will build for us, you will need to check in and give your name (I don't know what other info you'll need, but I'll let you know)

4. The Hilton will gaurantee the room rate 3 days before or after if anyone wants to stay a little longer. Right now the rate is $69.99 a night and We are in negotiations with adding the FANTASTIC breakfast into the price of the room. I will let you know how much when all is said and signed.

5. Did I mention the FANTASTIC breakfast? They have a full-service kitchen and staff ready to cook us up some omelets, bacon, and whatever else we want. Holly and I were impressed.

6. If you might be thinking you won't be able to come, or you can foresee some issues coming up that might prevent you or a family member from coming, if you could just give me a heads up. This won't be a written in stone thing now. There will be a deadline though. As soon as the Hilton rep tells me when that will be, I'll let you know.

This hotel is in close prox. to the temple, this SUPER-DUPER park, and of course golfing.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Did everyone have a GREAT holiday? Are we ready to get in the WFR mode? I hope everyone is saving their pennies, getting ready for the trek to the Rockie Mountains!

Couple of items to update everyone:


We have been informed that once the pledges are in, we will have sufficient funds to pay for the food for our up coming reunion! So, if you have sent in money, THANK YOU! If you have pledged, mail it in and a BIG THANKYOU, and if you wanted to send in money but couldn't, that's OK we will love to have you anyway!

I have tried to contact everyone with assignments, and I think I have, but if I haven't, forgive me. This is the list of assignments:

Food Committee

Amy Dix
Emily Stallings
Bethany Robinson
Lisa Robinson
Amy Benson
Jen Sharp
Riley Dayton

Snack Committee
Leslie Snow
Kathryn Black
Stephanie Dix
Gramma Walker

Talent Show/MC for Talent Show
Gordon Dix
Chrissy Dix

Wray Dix
Natalie Dix

David Benson
Ned Snow
Taylor Dix
Emily Dix

DJ Sharp
Cole Dayton
Connor Stallings

Small children Activities
Molly Dayton
Jessica Black
Eliza Snow
Bethany Swalberg

Hannah Mero
Emma Mero
Jessica Sharp

Tech Staff
Steven Black
Trevor Florence

Clean Up Committee
Justin Swalberg
Steve Black
Bob Dix
Don Sharp

Katelyn Benson
Davin Sharp
Dustin Sharp

Golf Outing
Joe Mero
Taylor Dayton

Evan Stallings
Ethan Robinson
Josh Robinson

Picture Taking Committee
Katie Miller
Aaron Miller
Holly Mero

Leslie Snow
Linda Black
Amy Dix
Sarah Mero
Lisa Robinson

Tom Robinson

Temple Coordinator
Linda Black
Neil Snow

Temple Name Coordinator
John Skabelund
Sarah Skabelund

Testimony Meeting Coordinator
Bill Robinson
Doug Stallings

I will be emailing each of you with what is expected and some instructions. Call me, email me, facebook me, or reply to this if you have any Q's or concerns. If I surprised anyone, sorry :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hotel Update!

Here's the update on the hotel....the rate for Wednesday (day before the reunion) they can't give us the cut rate of $85, It's $189. We did some changes to the days, so they couldn't give us that rate. They can for the Sunday. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy if you should decided not to use the room.

There is a 24 cancellation policy, so if you decide not to use the room for the extended time, then you can cancel. Our Hotel Rep said that the rooms will start booking up with softball tournaments in the next couple of months. If you can spread the word on this update, I just want to make sure every family member gets this message.

This is from the hotel (Tosha, Wingate Hotel):
Your family can start calling in at any time to put their names in the room block. You have been set up in the system with the rates we spoke about. They do not need to call me directly. They should call 303-221-0383 and let the front desk know that they need to put their names in under the Walker Family Reunion room block. IF you will need more time than the 16th of October for your family to call in please let me know that as well. I can extend that a bit for you.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

These are some pics of the place that we will be having our WFR on the first and last day!
Pretty Nice don't you think?

This will be a fun time!
Is everyone saving their money so they can get to the reunion?
We don't have hurricanes here.... just tornados

Friday, July 18, 2008


After careful consideration of certain factors, geological placements, and areas in the country to accommodate our large family, it has come to a decision that our Walker Family Reunion will take place
in the state of...........

JULY 16-19 (Thursday - Sunday)

Arrangements have been made to have the basic cost of the hotel covered for the 3 nights of the reunion. Basic means: one room per married couple, no extra's inc: movies, room service, et al...

If you want to come earlier or stay longer, the hotel is going to garuantee the "special" rate of $85 a night (reg: $189). They just need to know by September 2008. I'll get their number out ASAP to you so you can contact them directly and make arrangements.

With that being said, we would appreciate any pre-reunion contributions to our family organization fund to cover our food costs and other costs for this reunion. You may send your contributions to Amy Dix, Walker Family Treasurer.

What do you do now?
1. Pass along this news and this website to any family members who may not have it:
2. Shoot me back an email saying that you got the info from this website and you understand it :
3. Make a contribution(s) for the food fund. Even if you can't afford alot, we'll take whatever
you can offer, even if it's in small monthly incriments :)
4. Make plans to attend! Get work off, plan your budget to get you here, we want everyone
attend :)

I'll be asking you to serve on committee's very soon.....

This is a monumental task that Holly and I have been asked to do and many hours have been spent in planning this so far, we are far from finished though. We are having fun and are getting excited in this taking shape. Ask us questions, and we will try to answer them.
My cell number: 720/207-4552 Holly's cell: 720/620-0151
We have text messaging too, if you want to communicate that way also.

Love, #5, Sarah, Mom, Aunt Sarah